Here at Berean, we are committed to declaring the works of our Lord and Savior!  Has God moved in your life, done marvelous works of which you want to tell your cuzins about?  Share your testimony with us!  Please tell your story by completing the form with as much detail as possible. We ask that you exercise wisdom and discretion and only post your personal testimony.


  1. Only share what you know is accurate and verifiable.
  2. Be specific with details you have without embellishing details you don’t have.
  3. Only mention the names of persons involved if you have his/her permission to openly share the testimony.
  4. Do not mention the name of a business where a testimony took place.
  5. Do not mention the name, position or title of a person whose job could be adversely affected as a result of your testimony.

 “And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony.”

Revelation 12:11a

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